Rustic Chic Homeware – Ebury Home and Garden

My lovely friend Hannah Gooch, founder of the luxury wedding directory The Ebury Collection  (and the brains behind my most favourite wedding inspiration shoot ever ) has finally done what she has always dreamed of and started up her own online interiors boutique – Ebury Home & Garden.

Inspired by countryside living, Hannah’s range of homewares are what she likes to call “Rustic Chic” and has hunted for one-off unique vintage pieces and products which are Fair Trade, recycled or made from FSC wood. (Big thumbs up from me there!)

You will find some really lovely accessories and gifts for Christmas that are both beautiful and practical. Here are some of my faves!

Zink Tray

Recycled Sari Ribbon

zink box with drawers

Butler Table

zink tray, recycled sari ribbon, zink drawers, salvaged Indian railway butler table


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I'm a stationery designer, lover of pretty & design. I hoard a lot too.
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